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Nonprofit Services

Specializing in new to medium-sized nonprofit consulting, CCSmith offers a range of services geared to help nonprofit leadership and Board of Directors to overcome day to day challenges, financial hardship, stagnant growth, transition, board development, communications, and much more. 


  • Strategies that drive increased awareness and community engagement

  • Fund development

  • Fundraising and awareness campaign assessment, planning, and execution

  • Strategic communications

  • Relationship building with stakeholders, donors, community served

  • Social media/Digital communications

  • Administrative and operational support

  • Community growth action planning

  • Problem solving

  • Project management

  • Building advisory boards

  • Building scientific or industry partnerships

  • Driving investigations and project development

  • Building collaborative initiatives with all stakeholder

  • Grant seeking and writing

  • Strategies to improve productivity, organization, and consistency

  • Measuring outcomes

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